10 Tips For Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

10 Tips For Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

Command + Z
This command will undo anything you have recently performed on your computer.

Command + Option + Esc
This will force the app you’re in to quit. This is very useful when an application is not responding.
Tip: This is similar to Control + Alt + Delete on a PC.

Command + Control + Q
This will immediately lock your Mac-for moments when someone suddenly walks into the room while you’re working on sensitive information,

Command + Shift + T
This is helpful for getting back a tab you recently may have closed by accident.

Select File + Space Bar
This lets you see a glance of files using Quick Look.

Control + Shift + Eject or Control + Shift + Power (for newer Mac models)
This will quickly turn off your Mac screen.

Command + Option + Q
if Command + Q is not working to quit an app, try this to force the app to quit.

Command + Shift + Control + 4
This lets you screenshot a section of the screen and save it to the clipboard.

Command + F3 or Fn + F11
This will show the desktop immediately without minimizing or closing any open windows.

Option + Delete
This allows you to delete entire words (instead of holding the delete button).

Bonus Tip: Almost all of these commands can be used on PC by replacing the Command button with the Control button.

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