Coolest Things to Do With Galaxy Watches

Use Your Watch as A Cursor for Your Phone
You can turn your watch screen into a trackpad that can be used with your phone or smart TV. Just connect to that device and use your watch as a trackpad.

Match What You’re Wearing
You can create a watch face design that matches the look of what you’re wearing. This way every day you can have a watch that matches how you look!

Save Battery
Using certain settings (such as grayscale mode) can make the battery last up to 23 days on a single charge. Depending on the settings configured on your smart watch, you could increase the battery life duration significantly.

Bonus Tip: You can also charge your watch using your phone (via Wireless PowerShare) so you don’t have to bring another charger on vacation with you.

Compatible with Both Android and iOS (Although Somewhat Limited on iOS)
Similar to the Fitbit and certain other smart watches, you can use this watch with both iPhones and Android phones. That being said, the iPhone version is slightly limited in features.

Connect Earbuds Via Bluetooth to Listen Through Those Gadgets
Just like you would normally pair a Bluetooth device, you can connect the watch to Bluetooth earbuds in order to listen to music through those audio devices. Now you can get great quality sound, while not disturbing those around you.

Control TV
You can control your TV with the watch, too. You can use it as a remote for your TV, as well.

Prevent Accidental Touches
No touch input mode setting. This setting helps prevent accidental touches, such as when swimming or doing something that might brush against the watch. Also, this can help if you have kids that like to touch your watch.

Play Music While Exercising
This is a feature that comes with the watch. If you download the music, you won’t even need to bring your phone with you.

YouTube App
You can watch videos on YouTube using various apps. Some popular ones include “Watch Viewer for YouTube” and “Player4YouTube.”

Google Translate
When using Google Translate on your watch, you will hear the words as well as see them on the screen, and you can flip the text on the screen so that the other person you are communicating with can see it as well. You can also select your language. You can even press the “auto” button and it will detect what language you or the other person is speaking in. This is a great feature if you’re not sure what language someone is speaking in.

Bonus Tip: You can control your phone camera from your watch by using the Camera Controller app. This will show what the phone camera is pointed at. This can be great for taking selfies!

Note: Some settings may apply to specific watches.

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