Best Flash Drives For Keeping Your Data Safe

We all take many photos and videos each day. We usually store them on our cell phones. What happens if we lose our phone, run out of space, or even accidentally delete some of those contents? Well, those precious memories could vanish forever. That’s why we need something like a mobile flash drive. This will save us the hassle of having to delete pictures and videos off of our phones constantly, just so we can free up enough storage space to take more photos and videos. Also, depending on how much data you have, this could take forever. That’s where these flash drives comes into play. They work with Plug-and-Play technology, which means all you have to do is plug it into your phone and then plug the other end into your computer in order to start transferring some information. Some also just store media right on the flash drive itself – no need to transfer anything to a computer! This way you never have to worry about not having enough space to even take a photo in the moment.

iDiskk USB flash drive (MFi Certified by Apple) Photo Stick for iPhone
The iDiskk USB flash drive (MFi Certified by Apple) Photo Stick for iPhone lets you have the freedom of taking as many photos and videos as you want without needing to worry about taking up storage space on your iPhone. Plug the device into your phone and start storing media on it. No need to pay for more cloud storage every month.

Another popular flash drive for storage is ThePhotoStick. This handy little stick helps photo lovers of all levels. The software built into the stick will go out and find every photo and video on your device and back them up to the stick. It will organize them and make sure that there are no duplicates as well. All you have to do is plug it in and it starts searching for photos and videos and even finds duplicates. After it finds all the media, the next time the stick is plugged back in again, it will search only for the new content. It will remember which information is old and has already been collected and will skip over these. Therefore, duplicates do not become a problem. These flash drives are offered in multiple different size capacities. With this storage device you never have to worry about losing your precious photos or videos again due to a computer failure.

Sandisk iXpand Flash Drive
The Sandisk iXpand Flash Drive enables users to store their media on the mobile application. The drive offers super fast transfer speeds using USB 3.0 to and from your computer. This one only works with Apple phones. It automatically backs up your camera roll and allows viewing of popular video formats within the app. It works with both Mac and PC. If you are an Apple user, this is a great addition to keep your photos and videos safe!

JDTDC Apple MFi-Certified Photo-Stick
The JDTDC Apple MFi-Certified Photo-Stick is another one made just for iOS devices. This drive lets you flip it open in order to insert it into your phone. The other side fits into a Mac or PC.

HooToo iPhone Flash Drive MFi Certified
This one lets users use encryption to safely backup their photos. This device uses the speedy USB 3.0 and works with only Apple devices. This one works similar to the others. It also lets users set a secure passcode in order to access the contents of the device. This is a nice feature for those who might want to keep their photos and videos out-of-sight from other people.

PNY Duo Link USB 3.1 Type-C OTG Flash Drive
Another flash drive that connects to your phone. This one lets you connect to PCs, Macs, printers, and more. Quick transfer speeds let you spend time on what matters most.

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