6 Security Tips to Stay Secure

Below you will find some security tips to make sure you stay secure.

Tip #1. Use a Computer Camera Cover. This is a great way to keep hackers from snooping on you. These can be found at various stores for a relatively cheap price. You can also find one here.

Tip #2. Disable Your Microphone and Webcam. This can help a little. You can also use this tool or this tool. These will also allow you to still be able to hear the audio coming out from the devices.

Tip #3. Be Cautious of Any Links in Emails (and other places). If you hover over the link in an email or tap and hold on it on mobile devices, you will be able to see the url of the link in order to see where you will be sent to. If the link doesn’t look correct, don’t click on it! This is a common technique used to retrieve information from you.

Tip #4. Protect Your Passwords. Use strong passwords. If you have trouble remembering your passwords, use a password manager. These are much more secure, because you need a password to get in (instead of writing on a piece of paper or a non-password-protected text document), and some applications can also generate a strong password for you. There are numerous benefits to using a password manager. Some examples of well-known password manager applications include 1Password and LastPass.

Tip #5. Don’t Trust Public WiFi. Public Wi-Fi is very insecure. They are not encrypted in any way and it is very easy for someone to hack into your online device. Instead, it would be a good idea to connect to something like a VPN. VPN stands for virtual private network. It basically means that you are connected to a secure tunnel, instead of the public internet. Only you can see what your browsing-not your internet service provider, not the person sitting next to you on their own computer, and not the VPN company itself. It is just a tunnel between you and the service you are directly connecting to (in other words, the website you’re browsing on).

Tip #6. Disconnect From the Internet. If you’re not using internet, turn it off. That way you can avoid internet threats towards your computer. This may be taking it a little too far, but if privacy is your ultimate goal, then this is something to consider.

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