Fruit and Vegetable Hacks For An Easier Life

HACK #1 Peeling Bananas
Have you ever had trouble peeling a banana? Well, if you try peeling a banana from the bottom end of the fruit, it will be easier to peel.
Bonus Tip: Don’t place bananas on top of other fruit or they will go bad quicker.

HACK #2 Roll An Orange
Peeling an orange can sometimes prove to be quite a tedious task. Try rolling an orange before you peel it, and it will be easier for you to pull the skin off.

HACK #3 Prolong Banana Shelf Life
Does it ever seem like you just bought bananas and they’ve all gone bad within days? Stop this from happening by using foil or plastic wrap. Just cover the stem of the banana with foil/plastic wrap to increase its shelf life by days.

HACK #4 Open Oranges Easily
Here is a hack to easily open oranges. Start by cutting the ends of the orange and then cutting the orange partly in half. Then just grab the half cut part and pull on it to open the orange and separate all the pieces (it should resemble a deck of cards).
Bonus Tip: After rolling, you can also cut the orange in half (but only cut through the skin, not all the way through the orange!) and then pull each flap away from each other and the skin will slide right off, leaving you with a full skinless orange.
Bonus Tip: You can throw your orange slices in a blender and make orange juice! This hand blender makes it quick and simple to do this:

HACK #5 Quickly Peel Garlic
Do you find it difficult to quickly peel garlic? Then, just take two bowls (preferably the same size), stick the garlic between them (so that the garlic is enclosed within the two bowls), and shake vigorously for 20 seconds. The skin will separate from the cloves.

HACK #6 Deseed Bell Peppers
Ever wanted to remove the seeds of a bell pepper, but find it too much work? This next hack is for you. Simply stick a kitchen knife inside the pepper just enough to stay on the edge, slide your knife around the edges, and pull the whole center right out, leaving you with a hollow pepper. If this hack isn’t easy enough, you can use this tool to do the work for you:

HACK #7 Slice a Bunch of Small Tomatoes in Half at Once
If slicing tomatoes one at a time is not your thing, then instead stick a bunch of small tomatoes on a tupperware lid, place another tupperware lid on top, then slide a knife right between the tupperware where the tomatoes are to slice them in half. No more having to slice one at a time!

HACK #8 Easily Remove Skin From Ginger
In order to easily peel ginger, simply take a tablespoon and slide it back and forth on the surface of the ginger to peel the skin off.

HACK #9 Stop Wasting Strawberries!
If you cut the top off of your strawberries with a knife, your wasting so much meat! Instead, push a straw through the opposite end of the stem of the strawberry. The stem (and only the stem) will pop right off, so you get to enjoy the whole strawberry. You can also buy a tool that will do the job for you here:

This tool will also hull the strawberry, which can then be filled with delicious toppings!

HACK #10 Stop Throwing Away Your Kiwi
Don’t cut the skin off a kiwi! instead, just slice a small section of the top off, then use a spoon to run along the edges of the fruit and scoop the whole kiwi right out.

BONUS HACK Deseed Pomegranate
Cut the fruit in half, twist it open, and pull the edges a little to stretch it out (this will prepare the seeds to come out by loosening them). Then turn the pomegranate upside down over a bowl and whack the back with a spoon (or similar tool). The seeds should pop right out into the bowl.

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